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Tickling is the art of being all-powerful against people and other living beings. The art is only studied if the opponent is ticklish, and has certain tickle spots. This will only occur if the following takes effect:

The tickler loves the ticklee

The ticklee hates the tickler

The tickle spot (most likely the foot) is ticklish

The cow jumped over the moon

Hey diddle diddle

Ashes to ashes

They all fall down.


“I am ticklish.”

~ Captain Obvious on being tickled and laughing hysterically

Ticklish spots and ticklishness are plagues spread by Soviet Russia in early 12 B.C. As it is, people were already ticklish, but Soviet Russia killed the person who was quoted saying this. Thus, the above fact is made true. Feet are very ticklish on almost everybody

The plague spread to the feet of people for the most part.

because of the plague always being on the ground.