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Christopher Tidus is the central protagonist of the video game Final Fantasy X, the X standing for Xeroscape edition.

About Tidus[edit]

Tidus during the Third Reich.

Tidus is a vibrant and energetic youth from the futuristic city of Zanarkand. When Zanarkand is attacked by Sin, he wakes up in Spira, a thousand years later. He joins Yuna on her quest to eliminate Sin, hoping that when he comes face to face with what brought him here, it will be enough to take him home, but little does he know that he dies instead.

Tidus started working his way up in the world of Blitzball, a sport played underwater in which the goal is to score a point before drowning. During one match, the world was unfortunately attacked by the originally-named monster Sin. Saved by a Auron, who is dead, Tidus eventually winds up on a boat with some Russians a thousand years in the future. Oh Noes! After this boat is attacked by the same monster as before (proving Square's originality), Tidus winds up another hundred years in the future where the only thing around around is water. And sand. And people.

Upon meeting up with a Blitzball player/Bending robot named Wakko, Tidus decides to once-again play second-fiddle by becoming a dispensable bodyguard to a girl much more talented than he is. She's on a mission to save the world from his father, who is Sin. Tidus decides to accompany her through a bunch of temples filed with lame puzzles taken from 1992 computer games,and then letting her collect aeons, which are related in no way to Aeon Flux.

Along the way Tidus gets into an argument with the Master of the Universe, He-Man, as well as with the Maester of the Spire, Seymour. Seymour starts to do bad stuff, which you guys have to do something about. Mostly the guys that aren't Tidus. Eventually Seymour is killed on a mountain or something. Or maybe it was on his mom. Or maybe on his pilgrimage. Nobody is really sure.

Near the end of the game the plot twist is revealed: Tidus is actually a daydream of some loser emo kid who was imaging someone more pathetic than himself. Despite this info Tidus manages to help defeat Sin, dying afterwards of chronic loseritis.Tidus also has a friend named Crack chicken