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Tie was born in mexico in 1854 and was born into a strict orthodox Jew family where he was known as the odd one out because his love for the sport hockey and Mitt Romney


Tie was known for his collage football skills but was ultimately drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs in 1898, he was known as a superstar sniper and managed to score a modest 345 goals in 25 games. He gained global recognition and became a famous Bollywood actor starring in films such as slum dog millionaire until his death in 1945, but was later brought back to life by the powers of metallica drummer Lars urlich.

First Death and rebirth[edit]

Tie was killed in while he was serving under his mentor Adolph Hitler, his death occurred when he was reloading his rifle it randomly exploded killing him on impact, but years later the powerful sorceress Lars Urlich brought him back to life using his black magic and powerful witchcraft

Life after death[edit]

Tie was a superstar again making numerous appearances on t.v shows such as Big Brother, Angel (TV series) and many more, and this is when he began his journey into rap music where he was known as "white word spittin' wizard" and was also known for being the first white member of the NWA but it was short lived because he knew the ice was where he wanted to be so he fell into a deep depression untill he was picked up by Stanley cup contenders Pheonix Coyoties and went on to put up very less impressive numbers like 56 goals in 30 games he became known as a shame and was never seen again