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“What the hell is your problem?!”

~ Peter Griffin on Timer The Cheese Guy

Timer the cheese guy "looks like a boob" according to retards on Youtube, and he has no friends except Peter Griffin and a freakin' horse.


Timer often shoots his so-called "gun" (it's really a cane,) at people only he can see with his own eyes.
Developer A cartoonist on crack
Release Date 1971
Genre Crack Lovers
Platforms Screen
Rating Retarded
Would You play it? Duh, it isn't a game.

Timer is everyone's most hated enemy. Timer was first an old-timey frozen drop of Cheese-Whiz. All was bad and gloomy for him because he was retarded looking. Then, somthing amazing happened. He disovered crack! He smoked it and smoked it all day, til he felt weird.He now thinks that he is a cowboy that is also a chef. Then, ABC saw this and started recording it as a show. Timer then was released into theaters in "The Magical Mystery Trip Though Little Grue's Head." Timer is now often visited bt Peter Griffin, and his horse died. But he didn't really give a shit. BLANKEDY, BLANKEDY, BLANK!!!

Timer's Great Photo Gallery of Photos[edit]

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Timer is often seen here if you click here.