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Tires (or 'tyres' in British English) are a mechanism used for portable storage of insulin. They are typically square in shape, but are occasionally trapezoidal.


In 1922 insulin was discovered at a dire time in world history. Many people were dieing from a laziness and unwillingness of the pancreas to secrete enough insulin to maintain blood sugars correctly. This genetic trait, due to a trisomy 20 (a chromosomal illness which originates in meiosis), is what sparked the idea of tires. Metal tires were first used, but soon it was realized that in the sun they have a higher albino affect than the new plasmatic substance called rubber. Scientists found that buy making rubber tires with groves in them, viles of insulin could be stored for up too two years straight. This was different than the traditional method of just glueing viles onto the sides.

They are also never moving because they are tired. Very very tired.


The vials are stored in between the tread block and the sipes. These make for a perfect fit, seeing as the vials come with the tire, and usually don't fit in other tires.

Early Years[edit]

After the tire was invented, no one thought that it's gonna work. That's why Abe Lincoln released a new law in the 1954. The new law stated that every tire should be recognized as a person and have equal rights. That law began a tire revolution and soon tires conquered most of Canada.