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See Oda Shogunate:

Tobecontinued (信三厳十), was the last Shogun of the Oda Shogunate and inventor of the toy Oda.

He ruled for 150 years, and created the first Japanese computer game company, Zero Wing, in 1873, developing dating Sims on the famous Charles Babbage's analytical engine platform.

Later, in 1877, Zero Wing also started to develop games for the Atari computer, which featured a steam action piston that could display 3 different colours (black, green, and midori).

In 1999, an armed revolt arose against the so-far prosperous Oda Shogunate's reign, which surprised many as nobody ever noticed one was lying down. The rebels had surrounded the Shogun's castle within three days of fighting, plus four hours, twenty-six minuted, and one second in taxes. Tobecontinued realized that he had no chance to survive so he made his time. It was masterfully crafted and 100% genuine copies are now on display in most museums that are belong to us.

Upon busting through the castle's Bill Gates (which were rather pointless to begin with as bills were European weapons and not used by the Japanese), a ninja loyal to the resistance tracked down Tobecontinued and sliced him into three pieces with a single blow of his katana, a fact which has continued to puzzle historians, physicists, and other people who are no fun at parties to this day.

Though now dead, Tobecontinued's name lives on as a metaphor for anything that has or will suffer an abrupt unexpected end. It is customarily used in the last episode of a television series which is planned to be cancelled, especially if this episode contained a cliffhanger so as not to give fans any false hopes.