Together We Can Beat Dr Who Syndrome

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“We're in our 5th season. The fans would watch even if we acted out the Yellow Pages”

~ A television producer somewhere

Hello, I'm Marjorie. I'm here to talk to you about a problem which affects many people. I speak on behalf of Fight The Doctor, a group set up to help conquer Dr Who Syndrome.


Dr Who Syndrome can only be beaten with help from you, the viewing public. Only with your lack of support can our campaign bring an end to this dreaded disease.

What Is Dr Who Syndrome?[edit]

Dr Who Syndrome is a cruel disease, striking at the very heart of the world's television production. A series suffering from Dr Who Syndrome can be artistically fatal. Once the effects of the syndrome take hold, it quickly becomes a show that has an established audience and now no longer tries to impress.

Shows Suffering From Dr Who Syndrome[edit]

Tragically, the BBC television series Gavin and Stacy has recently contracted Dr Who Syndrome. Other series, such as My Family sadly found to be stricken with Dr Who Syndrome during the gestation period and were unable to thrive.

Dr Who syndrome affects Children's programmes, too

Series At Risk[edit]

The News is currently on our watch list, although occasionally, the makers do include features designed to revive its flagging franchise. Like a celebrity death. Or a jolly good war.

In American television, shows like Ugly Betty and Prison Break experience a similar disease, but on a much wider scale.

What You Can Do To Help[edit]

If you encounter any programmes which you feel no longer entertain you in quite the way it used to, there is a simple action you can take: Stop liking the show. Only by Stop Liking the Show will the message get through to the makers.

We here at Fight The Doctor truly believe that if audience numbers dwindle, the programme makers will be forced to breathe new life into their creations.

We don't want your money, although if you can spare £1000 it will help fund our staff Christmas party.

What We Are Doing[edit]

We are asking the creative people behind series stricken with Dr Who Syndrome to sit down and try harder. In the case of Dr Who, we urge the makers to be more adverturous with their locations rather than base everything in Cardiff. That is all we want. To ensure as many television series as possible who suffer from it are diagnosed quickly and treated.

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