Tomb of the Unknown Ninja

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The Tomb of the Unknown Ninja.

The Unknown Ninja was born in the early 1520's, around the same time the Foot of Regulus became a highly desirable organic artifact. As a child, the unknown ninja was the lone survivor of The Massacre of the Chickens, having been saved by St. Alfred of Parma. After escaping the massacre, the child fled into the mountains, where he stumbled upon a band of ninjas. The rogue ninjas quickly discovered that the child was an idiot savant in the ways of the ninja arts, and by the age of 10 he had created a new ninja fighting style - Peck Like a Chicken. Adherents of this fighting style were later known as Chicken Ninjas. This fighting style found its way to other continents, and was very influential in the Kung Fu fighting style known as Buffalo Wing Chun.

Within 2 years, the Chicken Ninjas began coordinated pecking attacks against the heretical pirate followers of the 'mainstream' Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. In 1543, the Chicken Ninjas attacked a group of Pirates from Parmigiana (who were devotees to the Heresy of Marinara), in a battle now referred to as the Clash of the Chicken Parmigiana. The Chicken Ninjas' astonishing victory started a long ascent of power for Ninjas over Pirates in Southern Europe.

In 1565, a power struggle for leadership of the Chicken Ninjas took place. General Tso, and an adjutant named Pollo Bouillon, took advantage of the Unknown Ninja during one of his many drunken slumbers, and dressed him in Pirate regalia. After violently crashing into a mirror while trying to peck the intruding pirate, his aides came into his private quarters and mistakenly slew him. He was entombed in a memorial on the slopes of Mount Parma. The Unknown Ninja left behind 14 wives, and many modern-day ninjas are descendant from him.

In 2008, there was speculation between the Ninjas of the ID of the Unknown ninja's name. It was found that the unknown Ninja's name was in fact the witch king of Caroline springs Dominko. Dominko's end was a bloody end which Robbed him of one Chicken Parma & a can of Coke.

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