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Tony Shalhoub holds up his 349th Tony Award

This article is a general overview of the Tony Awards, If you wish to know the winners of the 2006 Tony Awards you are probably a Homosexual

The Tony Shalhoub Awards for doing some stuff and not totally sucking at it, also known as the Tony Awards, recognizes individuals who do stuff and don't totally suck at it.

History of the Tony Award[edit]

Tony Shalhoub: Again a Winner

The Tony Awards were originally conceived and created in 1953 by Tony Shalhoub. The Award Ceremony his held annually in the US Capital Building in Washington DC. The Tony Awards are considered the OSCAR or GRAMMY of the gay community, although Tony himself is a Heterosexual. A committee of 700 Washington DC elementary school children spend their entire school year reviewing submissions of good deeds done by the population and decides on winners for each category. Tony Shalhoub has the final say however and usually ends up selecting himself as the winner anyway. In fact there is only one category that Tony does not award himself the winner in year after year, and thats The Most Likely to Marry Nathan Lane. The first Tony Awards ceremony was held on October 9, 1953 in a Waldorf salad.

Award categories[edit]

Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick celebrate their win

Best Hair

Best Looking

Most likely to get laid after Senior Prom

Most Awesome Singer

Drives the Best Car

Master of All

Supreme Ruler of the World

Most Likely to Marry a Super Model

Most Likely to Marry Nathan Lane (This award has always been awarded to Nathan Lane except in 2006 when it was awarded to Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick.

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