Too Much Time On My Hands Ryan, I'm Have Sex Wit You Right Now!

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Too Much Time On My Hands Ryan, I'm Having Sex Wit You Right Now!
CD by Ashlee Simpson
Released October 31 1999
Recorded 2000-2066
Genres Alternative
Length 20 feet 10 inches
Record Labels Ghey Records/MVH Music Records
Producers George W. Bush Jessica Simpson
Professional reviews
All Music Guide review 2
RollingStone review 1
Ashlee Simpson Chronology
Too Much Time On My Hands Ryan, I'm Have Sex Wit You Right Now!
Her Greatest Hits & Non-Hits''

“So what if she's having sex, I'd still tap that ass."

Oscar Wilde on Too Much Time On My Hands Ryan, I'm Having Sex Wit You Right Now!

Her Life On Album[edit]

"Too Much Time On My Hands Ryan, I'm Having Sex With You Right Now!" talks about her life being a whore while having sex with her boyfriend (Ryan). She made a bunch of songs after her sex. She became all of the above (Slut, Cunt, Whore, etc...) She finally agreed. During her young life she was a nitwit. Then she finally matured at the age of 18 a became a filthy little whore. Then one day she met Ryan Caberea, her boyfriend. They decided to go out with each other and decided to get drunk at a sex party and then finally had sex with each other. Her nightmare became reality when she met a slutty girl and had sex with her. Her life changed in a really weird gay way. That's why she made this album.


Her fourth album debut "Too Much Time On My Hands Ryan, I'm Having Sex Wit You Right Now!" became one of the sexiest, slutiest, and most disturbing albums of 2010. Her album has 20 songs, almost like her previous album JELLO!. Although Music Review has it that her songs are so disgusting that they had to censor most of them. "There is no clean version of this album!" says Dick Clark. "We totally lost our minds when we saw the track titles!" Clark is disgusted. Although she (Ashlee Simpson) did confirm her first single from this album. We can't give the title to you people because we don't know what it is. The first single confirmed by Ashlee is "Boobs Don't Lie" which has another artist in the song, her name is Shakira. Her next single won't be due out Fall 2880. "It's taking like forever!" says Ashlee in panic. "They don't play my songs really fast because they think I'm a slutty girl who wants sex a lot." Her second single is going to be a surprise so take cover!

20 Tracks/Songs[edit]

Here is 20 songs from her album. Her first single to be confirmed in 30 years is "Boobs Don't Lie" Featuring Shakira. We heard that 30 songs were going to be on this CD, but oh well, she did a bad thing for copyright infringement. Just figure out the last song.

  • 1. Lost My Virginaty, Please Help!
  • 2. Can't Spell, Sex Roks Mi Socs!
  • 3. Do Somethin'
  • 4. Panic! At The Sex Party!
  • 5. Lesbians Turn Me On
  • 6. Best Of My Busy Boobie Body
  • 7. T.I.T.S.
  • 8. Oh Yeaaaaaaaaa!!
  • 9. Gas, Gas, GASSSSS!!
  • 10. Ah Shit No Fuckin' Way!
  • 11. Huffing A Chicken (In A Good Way)
  • 12. Poppin' My Boobies
  • 13. HaHaHaHaHa (LOLOLOLOL!!)
  • 14. Do Me Pt. 3
  • 15. Too Horny For Teacher (Too Hot For Ryan)
  • 16. Hit My Baby Back Behind (Britney Cover)
  • 17. Shake My Laffy Faffy Kaffy Taffy
  • 18. Sex Is Like A Roller Coaster
  • 19. Boobs Don't Lie Feat. Shakira (DJ Master Bates Remix) included on UK Edition.
  • 20. Copyrighted Work Is A Terrible Thing For You Horny Women

Ad Campaign[edit]

Ashlee Simpson made an ad campaign for slutty women all over the country to stop having sex with other women. Then she finally realizes that Bobbie Jo is a guys name.

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