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The jewel case cover art for ToonTown.
One of the "dogs".

Disney's ToonTown is a controversial video game created by Walt Disney in which you control a young animal trying to stay afloat as a pimp in a large prostitution ring owned and operated in ToonTown, the home of such icons as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. Using your PC arrow keys, you control your cute little animal through the streets of ToonTown killing gangsters, having sex with whores and trying to evade your cruel, demanding pimp bosses, known to you an your brothers by the slang term "Dogs".

Patch Controversy[edit]

In 2005, there was controversy over a patch that was discovered in the PC version of the game entitled "Warm Milk". If you activated the Warm Milk patch, you played a mini game in which you drive to your old buddy Floppy McGoo's house to have dirty gay animal sex. This caused the PC version of the game to be re-rated Adults Only by the ESRB until Disney removed the patch from the game.

Mini games[edit]

Over your career as a pimp on the streets of ToonTown, your character must perform certain tasks for the pimp bosses. The first quest following the tutorial is "Cop Killa" in which you must kill a vigilante police officer who abused one of your whores and did not pay the full amount. The cop is a rabbit named Lucky Dingflower. You continue through the game performing similar tasks, whacking off unfair customers and double-crossing prostitutes.

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