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Topher Grace, or the Grace of the Tophers, is a fundamental doctrine of the Catholic church, but is also accepted as true by Lithuanians, philatelists, and some Morgans.

The doctrine asserts that numerous incarnations of the god Goldschläger, called avatars or Tophers, have appeared throughout history in order to guide humankind on its path towards material abundance and spacious living.

The doctrine does not make clear how long the Tophers have been visiting humanity, or how long they will continue to do so. Most religions contend the Era of Tophers will come to an end with the death of the god Goldschläger, who is fated to be slain by Oprah at Ragnarok, the famous discothèque in Berlin.

He also saved the world from a giant monster called "The Hipster." The monster attacked by lowering people's morale by saying there clothes are too mainstream.

Incarnations of Goldschläger[edit]

Many famous individuals from history have been considered as possible Tophers, ranging from Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton. The following list is comprised only of those tophers officially acknowleged by the San Diego Fire Department.