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The Toronto Raptors, also known as satan's basketball team, is a very interesting team. It is actually the only proof on Earth that shows us that Raptors, are very strong after all, or skilled, or fast... the Toronto raptors are amazing and are also proof that Canada does strongly supports this sport, maybe its because they produce tons of black people, or that basketball is controlling their brains, all i know is that if you were to visit toronto, all you would hear is, "raps will win it all next year, ehh?" I think that the whole world and I can agree that this is the worst slang ever created.

The history of the toronto raptors is actually quite strange. They have had many succesful players such as marcus camby, Tracy Mcgrady and Vince Carter... WTF happened? Even with them they were horrible. But they rebuilt, they are strong. Luckily the NBA players playing on the raptors don't think about hockey. That's why Vancouver had moved to Memphis. Memphis leaves, now they're in the playoffs.

Head coach[edit]

Sam Mitchell is the coach of the raptors, and as we all know, hes a little weird. In a recent interview, he had admitted to the assassination of Rafer Alston which is fine with everyone, and the reason was,Rafer his starting point guard missed a jump shot. "he was freakin' open , what the hell, why didn't he score" up in that statement, he was arrested and shot in the toe three times and again in the stomach for no apparent reason.

This would be the second time he had been arrested, the first being against the Lakers when Kobe and Shaw had gotten in a fight. He simply shouted, "left hook, left hook!" and with that he had tossed a chair which riccoceted off of Shaquille's forehead and slammed against his own son. He was divorced right after the game and his wife had taken 3/4 of his money. He was also fired and lost almost everything he had. He resigned himself to the fact that he would have to spend the rest of his life doing Peter Crouch-style robot dances on the streets of Toronto.

Matt Boner[edit]

Matt Boner was the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball. He has yet to miss a shot in his NBA career. Averaging 65.3 Points per game playing for the Raptors, he single-handed led them to a last place finish in 2005-2006 season. Boner was also a fan favorite because of his great looks and classic basketball demeanor.


The Toronto Raptors are sometimes known as the Toronto Rapetors because they are so damn good and they "rape" the other teams so badly. Chris Bosh is the best player on the Rapetors this year.(2006-2007) He averages more point than you noobs points per game and an astounding 4 million rebounds per game. Derek Martin leads the team with 0.001 assists per game.

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