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“Someone was selling tortillas, and the mob wanted in. They killed little tortilla boy, and took his tortillas.”

~ Little Tortilla Boy

Tortilla is the name commonly given to a town in Northern Mexico. It is also the name of a pastry made by flattening bread.

Tortilla, Mexico[edit]

Tortilla is the name of a town located in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The town is named after Tortilla Barilla Catrina Samina La Nina Gutierrez. The pride of the town is the town fountain which features a jackrabbit doing the cha-cha with David Bowie. The town was founded in 1842 after turmoil in the neighboring town lead to an implosion at the corn mines that gave jobs to many Mexican workers. It is expected that if Mexico doesn't expand into the pornography business, a similar implosion could send dozens of Mexican citizens to the United States.


Tortillas are also the name of a corn based flattened piece of bread. The bread is bought at the grocery store and then flattened by a flying saucer in a corn field. Similar products can be made with biscuits and buns, but attempts to use animal meat (cattle) to make flattened bread have proved fruitless (see cattle mutilation).

Tortillas are used to make a variety of things including chips, tacos, faux vaginas, Mexican pizzas, and Leprichaun hats (when made with moldy bread). When fried, tortillas become crispy, and can be used for other purposes. However, fried and soft tortillas cannot be mixed under the Mexican American Tortilla and Adam Sandler Act of 1947 which is a fact that, not unlike the bad gas I got from a tortilla I've eaten, came completely out of my ass.


Tortilla... a tasty food? Maybe. But one of the worst killers known to the history of mankind.

1/14 Americans are killed by Tortillas annually.