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~ Tamia on Touch typin'


touchpyting is a keybOard technigue where the user feels omsehow confidentenoguh to be able to type messages wtihout the need for looking at the keyboard. under normal circumstances touchtyping involves a keyboard and a computer, as weLl as an ego. For old-schoolers, use a typewrIter.

touchtyping canonly be found on computers, because you cannot touch type with a must be sure not to confuse touchtyping with sms or txting, because you only use one hand to write themessage. using a mobile phone is a more infrior form of using the computer, because cell phones can NOT play Quake4 on a 19" screen.

hnostory oof the touch type[edit]

having its strong roots in the cINdy Lauper age, touch typing was a strong manhood rite thing of the amiga peoples of berkeley, california. every person who wanted to feel proficient at their use of the computer prowess could only truly considered a man upon proving they could touch type. thiS tradition has passed proudly through the geek fraternities of various universities, and continues through this day.

touch typing finally spread to the mainstream on the advent of internet sex chatrooms, where people came and went as they liked (no pun). they found that touch typing was a more efficient use of their time.

in 1997, women finally were allowed to touch type. Before then, women who touch typed were subjected to sharia law.

oday, touch typing is growing in popularity, especially with the introduction of MSN messenger, a more streamlined version of a sex chatroom. (it has more sex0 today mAny teenagers talk to their peers online with the knowledge that only touch typing can fulfil their quick, turbulent and rebellious communicae. Sadly, none of them have even one iota of how to use the english language with atrocious fucking grammer and spelling which can only be described as "painful", and merely type blithering nonsense to their net-saavy friends.

wjy yfo preople touvh type?[edit]

pEople touch type because they are refined techheads who feel able enough to caress their keyboard without any eyecontact, or suffer some kind of inferioprity complex because of tech envy.

touch typing is really cool, because it shows proWess and speed. often speed nad accuracy aRe necessary ingredientS in internet and computer writing. true to modern, hectic and fast paced society, people often find that messages and last minute documents need to be completed to complement their current lifestyle, meaning, quick paced and inconsistent.

peOple often tout that touchtyping is more reflective of the fast paced thinking often involved with writing messages and texts one is able to profer their thoughts directly into their fingets which shows instantaneous thought and thinking. of course, often their finger work is unable to cope with such thoughtsd, which flow freely, just like the exchange of interent thought. of course, how this ideas are expressed are really up to the typers intelligence and enunuciation.


it is really esay to touchtype. just throw away that microsoft typer program, or that mavis beacon. the mantra with touchtyping is that you are better than you think you are.


A touch typers keyboard

first of all one must be accustomed ot the layout of the keyboard. provided here is a diagram of the typical QWERTY keyboard. weirdos who use other keyboard systems, like DVORAK, should note that touch typing is only for people with strong countenance, solid carpals and masculine wrists.

look at the keyboard for one minute, noting where everything is. place your fingers ont eh board, and after that minute, voila! you are ready to touchtype.

tips and hiets[edit]

often people fail to touch type because they are to arrogant or nervous to have to make all their words right, needlessly correcting their slips. here are some good tips to hwlp you through thsi wonderful skill.

  • one must be willing to sacrifice basic good grammar, spelling and sense. especially good touchtypers are able to fully ignore the insignificant letters, such as Q and Z, because it involves looking at the keyboard and skimming around for that letter. as you can see, thsi writer is not fully adept at the technique of touch typing.
  • one must be confident enough in themselves. otften use of the backspace key is prohibited, and when one types it, one must go on. don't be afraid of typos
  • alwyas look at the screen, and never the keyboard. guessing is acceptable, because in most cases, there will be some kind of wordedit program to correct your mistakes. thank goodness for microsoft office and spell check
  • constant practicse makes perfert. time is of the essence

advantaews and disyantages of toooch tyopung[edit]

  • everybody knows touchtyping is so [{cool]]. you are a true computer pro if you can do this. it is often comfort for nerds who are otherwise unable to score a date or have a life.
  • you are able better to articulate yourself if you touchtype. it is true. if you want a link, here it is [gttP;[
  • it is way faster that two finger touching or people who are too scared to make the odd mistake now an then. and besides there will alwasy be some kind of program to cover your mistakes. except for this site.
  • there are many other good reasons for touchtyping, such as ease in reading off a document as you plagiarise it, or staring at someones tits as you type along an important online tax form, but because most people who touch type are so busy with important things to do, you can ask your local secretary or it technician on the pros and cons of touchtyping.