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Tourist Season is one of several hunting seasons occurring at different times in different states (although, a tourist is not allowed to be harmed during the season, only bagged). States that have official Tourist Seasons include North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Maine, and Colorado. These seasons tend to coincide with the times that tourists are typically found in great numbers throughout the city.

These states claim to have this season for protection of the general population from too many tourists while still preserving the tourist population.

Tourists and tourism was originally dealt with through the use of tourist traps. When this failed, a lot of states began adopting tourist seasons.

Season Schedules[edit]

  • North Carolina: (Asheville/Western North Carolina: May-July, mid October-mid November; Wilmington: March-September; Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh do not have tourist seasons)
  • South Carolina: (Myrtle Beach/Charleston/Hilton Head: March-November)
  • Virginia: (Virginia Beach: March-September; Williamsburg: year-round; Western Virginia: October)
  • Maine: (State-wide: summer and early fall. Appx: 2-1/2 weeks)
  • Colorado: (Year round, double limit during ski-season)


  • North Carolina: (26 tourists per person)
  • South Carolina: (52 tourists per person, parents may use children's allotments)
  • Virginia: (12 tourists per person, except Williamsburg where it is strictly 18 per person - the use of scanners or radar detectors are illegal)
  • Maine: (2 tourists per person)
  • Colorado: (20 tourists per person, unless they are rich. Rich tourists count double)

NOTE: Each state's laws read "No tourist shall be killed or harmed in the process of the hunts, they are to be bagged and turned in for a reward of one free movie rental per person" (except in Maine, where you can get a free snow shovel for each tourist bagged). Tourists with in-state plates may NOT be bagged, and tourists who comply with local laws, customs, traditions, decency, and do not block traffic may not be bagged).

Notification Signs[edit]

Most places that have tourist seasons will have cars bearing stickers that say "Why do they call it tourist season, if we can't hunt them?"

Tourist season in Australia[edit]

Tourist season in Australia usually brings many hot woman from far and wide to one spot....Beaches.