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A toy lot is contaminated with feces after all this time the lazy kid refused to stop playing.

A toy lot or toylot is a place where kids play with toys. Similar to a sandbox, however, infant humans and cats take a poop in this thing a lot, however humans take a poop in the toilet. Toy lots are found all over the place and are therefore known as 'conveniences'.

Some people use this type of place to fish poop out for the fecal fishing industry where admirals obtain stools for Poop Cuisine.

Every national park has a toy lot because admirals need to use stools to cook poop cuisine with. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has severe water system problems, so they started putting toy lots on their state parks so people could crap in a recreational area to enhance the quality of plants used to trim ornaments on rich peoples' property in high class neighborhoods.

Since there are many runoffs coming from farmland with infant farm animal feces, people made toy lots for them so the toy lots would cover poop in sand for bacterial reduction. Camels spit in a toy lot when they get hyper after giving people a ride.

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