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History of Track[edit]

Track has been around since humans were first created by the flying spaghetti monster for all strong humans want to prove they are harder, better, faster, stronger (for that that dont kill me, can only make me stronger). From hardcore video gaming to running to challenging Chuck Norris, track offers all types of challenges so that anyone can find a talent in some sort of game.

This is a sport?[edit]

Is it any surprise that he won?

Track is more or less a bastard sport for no ball is used unlike football, basketball, and the even the lowly soccer. It is said that the first person with A.D.D. dubbed the sport track and field and collected all the different events together.


There are different events that people can participate in (but technically all you can do is particpate because the Keyans always dominate every event)

Flaming squirrels give you extra points

Famous Athletes[edit]