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Tractor - pronounced gold-FISH


The tractor consists of circular legs, fur, a 24 litre V900 engine and a seat.

First discovered in the Amazonian rainforest by Massey Furgerson they ramaged around keeping the local monkey population in a gooey form on the floor.

Originaly taken back to Llantwit Major laballed as the 4th freak of the modern world, after Bigfoot, King Kong and Tony Blair.

Unfortunately during a storm several tractors crossed the Bristol Channel into Somerset. Despite all beliefs the local yokels of Somerset managed to tame the evil beasts and immediatly put them to work on farms. This may just be a myth spread by Tractor Pete.

Major Uses[edit]

Turning fields into mud, housework, extracting pins from pinboards, holding up traffic, warming the globe, growing tulips, scaring children with, spreading shit across the Westcountry and harvest children from the giant fields.

Current Distribution[edit]

Tractors are found internationaly however are mainly in Somerset, Soho, P'yongyang, the Mid South of the USA and Antarctica. However due to an overact drive shaft they are spread to Westminster and taking over the government.Fat tractor