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On July 5, 2007, the CTW World sat in silence at the news being broadcast to them that day. It was hard to believe that this could happen to such a dignified member of the neighborhood. Grover was dead.

Grover 1969 - 2007

Events Leading up to the Tragedy[edit]

July 5 was a routine day for Grover, in his current occupation of door-to-door Domain Name Salesman. It was about 10 in the morning when Grover was making his next set of stops in a apartment building located on the 1300 block of Sesame Street. Unknown to him, the man living in the apartment was none other than Fat Blue, the notorious Kitten Huffer.

The Tragedy[edit]

Fat Blue interrupted from his Kitten Huffing when Grover knocks on the door.

Fat Blue reluctantly answered the door, pausing his kitten huffing, and as Grover greeted him with his friendly and semifamous "HELLO DERE," Fat Blue realized that he had been caught in the act.

Fat Blue recognized Grover, whom two weeks ago held a job as an investigator with the police department, with his two famous cases being a sting on Fat Blue for Kitten Huffing, and a sting on Big Bird for the possession of loli.

Fat Blue made the decision that he would not be taken for kitten huffing again, and so this, along with the urge for revenge, caused Fat Blue to position Grover's head in the door jam, and slam the door on his neck.

Grover was pronounced dead on scene.

Transcript of the Tragedy[edit]

Hello Dere!


“Oh NO! Its YOU!”

~ Fat Blue

Response to the Tragedy[edit]

Sesame Street mourned heavily upon hearing the news about Grover's passing. Memorials were set up all over the Street, while the apartment building where Fat Blue had resided was wrapped in Duct Tape. This tactic was complete too late, as Fat Blue had already fled to Canada.

Leaked Videos[edit]

Several videos were leaked to the internet following the tragedy, most of them being entirely false. Some portrayed Grover as a baker whom Fat Blue shot in the head, while other pro-free Fat Blue propaganda videos claimed that Grover was hunting one weekend and simply starved in the lumberjack lodge when he forgot how to read food boxes.

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