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The cast of the documentary, Trailer Park Boys. The writing on the back says: "Stay the fuck out of Sunnyvale, motherfuckers"
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“Holy fuck boys, this is good pepperoni”

“That's the way she goes”

~ Ray on gambing

“Holy fuck, RAYCONS. That's what those furry little bitches are, Julian. They're RAYCONS.”

~ Ricky on Procyon lotor

“I'm not the kind of person to say a toadaso, but you know what, a toadaso, a fucking a toadaso”

“We were rehearsing for a play at the Blandford Recreation Centre”

~ A stray cat on being caught in a compromising position with Randy

Trailer Park Boys is a documentary/reality show chronicling the real lives of three petty criminals who live in the Halifax, Nova Scotia trailer park of Sunnyvale. It has been praised as an accurate and realistic portrayal of life in a Canadian trailer park. The three main characters of the show are Ricky, a foul-mouthed, poorly educated, pothead, Julian, an alcoholic, and Bubbles, an eccentric loner whose only friends are Ricky and Julian and who owns 76 cats. They also star in their own video game Grand Theft Auto: Sunnyvale Trailer Park and make an appearance in Grand Theft Auto: Halifax.

Famous Quotes[edit]

“Trevor, Jesus Christ! Why'd you get all tangled up in piss jugs and extension cords!?”

~ Ray on Trevors stupidity

“Cyrus you fucking dick!”

“I know I look up to you Cyrus, with your excellent jacket”

~ Bubbles on Cyrus' leather jacket

“The flames were golfing dad, golfing and golfing!”

~ Ricky on the trailer fire

“nomsayin nomsayin nomsayin”

~ J-Roc

Criminal Charges against the Stars[edit]

Because of the nature of the documentary the Crown was able to use much of the footage in order to prosecute the three main antagonists of the show. Luckily for the boys, the documentary has become so popular that many of the fans have offered to pay their fines, bail, and legal fees.

Mr. Lahey and Randy getting ready to drink and drive and steal childrens' presents at the church

Crimes committed in the documentary[edit]

  • Shoplifting
  • Stealing barbecues
  • Stealing bank machines
  • Stealing car stereos
  • Stealing Christmas Trees
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Stealing gas, that's highly illegal
  • Getting in car inery
  • Selling Weed
  • Bootlegging
  • Pirating CDs
  • Stealing shopping carts
  • Robbery
  • Vehicle Arson
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Stealing Groceries
  • Selling individual cigarettes and bootleg DVDs in a Convenients Store
  • Kidnapping of bust bunnies and holding for ransom
  • Break and entering to home that they own
  • Illegal firearm discharge
  • Robbing a convenients store because it looked like they were robbing it anyway, so you might as well take a few things
  • Stealing frozen meat from grocery stores
  • Stealing luggage from the airport
  • Sneaking dope across the US border with model trains
  • Being really fucking awesome. Its a serious crime. Dont fuck with them.
  • Kidnapping Rita MacNeils Band
  • Kidnapping Alex Lifeson
  • Intercepting bank transactions
  • Playing rap concerts in the park
  • Check writing scheme
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Breaking into school to sell weed
  • Stealing car parts
  • Stealing Hash

Stars of the Documentary[edit]

  • The pot smoking Ricky
  • The rum swilling Julian
  • The googley-eyed bastard Bubbles
  • The homicidial cats that terrorize the park - all played by out of work wookies
  • The pesky kids who terrorize old peoples' lawns and cars by throwing empty whisky bottles at them.

Others Featured[edit]

  • The scapegoats, Cory and Trevor ..Note: Cory & Trevor are now in a mental institution
  • Ricky's dad and ex-trucker, Ray
  • The red headed hottie, Sarah
  • The skanky blonde, Lucy
  • The wannabe rapper (Now superstar rapper), JRoc and his accomplice Tyrone
  • The wildchild of Ricky and Lucy, Trinity
  • The trailer park supervisor, Jim Lahey
  • The owner of Sunnyvale and Jim Lahey's ex-wife, Barb Lahey
  • The assistant trailer park supervisor, lover of Mr. Lahey, known for his huge gut and love of cheeseburgers, Randy
  • The fat taxi driver and greasy motel owner with a bigger gut than Randy: Philadelphia Collins
  • Local dick who is hardcore and wears an excellent leather jacket, Cyrus
  • The flappy bird brothers, Terry and Dennis
  • The hot dog eating former vet caveman: Sam Losco
  • The two dumbest cops who sometimes believe what Ricky and Julian are saying: George Green and Ted Johnson
  • The skinny kid with the hots for Julian: Jacob otherwise known as Jacob the Twiggy Alien ..and those 2 punks who are now his posse
  • Philadelphia Collins' other son aka "Son of the Mustard Tiger": Thomas Collins
  • Some guy named Danny who always yells "What In The Fuck" and "Fuck Off With The Guns" off camera at the appropriate times.
  • The commander of the trains: Patrick Swayze & The Patrick Swayze Express
  • A ventriloquist's dummy named Conky who takes over Bubbles' mind and pisses off Ricky and Julian
  • That kid, Treena Lahey (Ellen Page)
  • That guy from Rush (Alex Lifeson)
  • Shitty Bill.

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