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Residents of the Beverly Hills Mobile Home Court of Ironton, Ohio have found Nirvana by containing their trailer trash to a small corner of their property; cars up on blocks remain an issue. Still all community members do their best to deal with litter problem."

Trailer Trash is comprised pieces of waste paper that seem to hone in on mobile home parks. The wind has been associated with Trail Trash episodes. However Trailer Trash knows no socio-economic boundary and infects mobile home parks from those occupied by humble people to parks occupied by high income retirees.

In higher income mobile home communities, park management will hire groundskeepers to prune hedges and topiary, and these employees also pick up the paper waste that floats into the grounds and spoils the vistas. Residents in these communities often have the ability to buy trash spikes, which they can use if the undocumented guest workers in the employment of park management should miss a piece or two.

The plight of low income mobile home park residents, who live in meager mobile home courts isn't as well known, but theirs is one of determination to rid their parks of waste paper.

A 2005 study by the University of Michigan Sociology Department (The Problem of Trailer Trash; Its Causes and Remedies) of low-income trailer courts shows that these parks are more likely to live under the scurge of waste despite the best efforts of the residents to keep a clean, sanitary and healthful environment. The study also found that trailer trash makes it difficult for those who wish to block their trailers in and remove the axels.

The Michigan study further stated that loose papers drifting from one trailer to another is what gives trailer trash its bad name. Furthermore, the study also shows that children living with trailer trash are more likely to become litter bugs as they mature into adults.

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