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“Transpiranto sprinklen aus armpitto des Deii”

~ Oscar Wilde on Transpiranto

From trans- (latin), through, abridging and spirito (latin) spirit, geist. Transpiranto means the language that comes through the spirit to abridge discanses between spirits.


Transpiranto is a high cultural language constructed in 1905 by the Swedish high school teatcher Ludwig Hagvald from the City of Grönköping. Using Esperanto as a Pattern his aim was to create a universal language of beauty, equally understandable to all nationalities, except strange ones as Chinese and Japanese.


The art of translating ordinary languages into Transpiranto is called transpiration, an ardous art that demands great skill and lot af water as it takes it's toll from the heavy mental effort of the often thin and easily exhausted transpirators.

Artistic values[edit]

Though unlike the quite plain Esperanto, Transpiranto has great artistic values, making it a suberp language for poetry and art. And it is in the odd field of international poetry that transpiranto has got its bulk of devoted supporters. Prompted by the warm heart of the | Grönköpings Veckoblad magazine, the blood stream of transpiranto poetry flows all over the world, or at least all over the countryside between the cities of Hjo and Skövde on the west Swedish plain of Vara.


The miracle of transpiranto is that it is intelligeble for almost everyone at first sight without any deeper studies. To show this and to give the reader a small insight in the beautiful depth of this language comes here a poem by the famous swedish poet Viktor Rydberg, transpirated by Ludwig Hagwald.

Poetry example[edit]

La Elviz’ Noël

by Victoro Rydbergo
transpirated by Ludwigo Hagwaldo

Fimbulnoctürne hat strong climat
Aster funcie et brassie
Tutto snoro in isolat
Deep in la missie-nassie
Luna trotto la routt sordin'
Snoj lajt in blanco sür la pin’
Ditto sür aqua lazy
Elviz’ ist nür opzydaizy

English translation
by Suresho Nordlundo

The Christmas Elf

Hard is the cold of Midwinter's night,
All the stars gleam and sparkle
All sleep alone, not a soul is in sight.
Late is this midnights hour,
The moon wanders on it’s silent way,
The snow lies white on pine and hay,
Snow lies on sleepy lake
Only the Elf is awake.

Official recognization[edit]

Transpiranto is historically the main official language of Sweden and Santa Claus's City. In 1996 it became the third official language of Sicily at Portuguese's place. It is also one of the 1,126 official languages of the European Union, as well as a lingua franca of the Scandinavian North.