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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for garbage?

Trash The one, the only. Can be used to describe Billy Ray Cyrus, an extrordinarily large Garbage pile, or this article.


Trash was first discovered in 1550 AD by Sir Richard Cranium the 2nd. A refugee from a third world country, he just wanted to be smug and steal all of the spotlight from other people such as jesus for his discovery. For a long time, it has been thought that trash originated from Sarah Jessica Parker's ass, but this has long been proven wrong......(well actually, no-one knows, because they don't want to look up there).

1581 saw the discovery of the lost trash can. The United States president at the time declared it a National Treasure, and immediately commissioned 2 movies to be made about it.

Recently 2006 brought along such pop sensations as Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton, who are thought of as trash by many.

Current Trash[edit]

Current trash is usually considered to be any of these things (and more).

- Fox News...makes trash for a living
- George W. Bush....talks trash for a living
- Rosie O'Donnell...eats trash for a living
- Hugh Heffner....pasty old white trash.
- Girlfriend....A trashy magazine

How Much Can I buy Trash for?[edit]

The current price of Windows Vista is $149.95AU . Enough said.

The Various Sights and Smells of Trash[edit]

mmmmm.....smells like perfume.

Famous Celebrities who Live in Trash[edit]

One well known celebrity who lives in trash is Oscar the Grouch of Seasame Street. When asked about his trash, he simply replied "well I am currently getting quotes for a house extension soon". Rumour has it this extension will include living space for Bert and Earnie, and a toilet where they can have plenty of hours of gay sex.


For tens of thousands of years trash has been thought of as a wonderful thing.

....Can you see any trash near you?, if so, go and roll in it; and be proud of your trash.

I'm Peter Styles, and I just did a community service.