Treaty of Orlando

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Coat of arms of the Mickey Mouse League, which was established in 1971 by the Treaty of Orlando.

The Treaty of Orlando was an agreement signed on October 1st, 1971 by the Magic Kingdom and the Disneyland Confederation establishing an alliance which has since come to be known as the Mickey Mouse League (after Disneyland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Mickey Mouse, Jr.).

The treaty came less than 18 months after the Fantasyland Spring demonstrations which led to overthrow of military rule and the establishment of democracy in Disneyland. Democratization had brought about new international priorities for Disneyland’s government. The new Disneyland Great Council decided that reforming trade relations and military alliances was necessary if Disneyland were to thrive. The Council appointed Mickey Mouse, Jr., who had played a prominent role within the Fantasyland Spring demonstrations, as Minister of Foreign Affairs. Mouse, Jr. immediately set out to remake Disneyland’s international image. One of Mouse, Jr.’s first moves was to push for withdrawal of Disneyland from CAFTA, which had been (and continues to be) a controversial organization in international circles. Mouse, Jr. also pushed for closer relations with expatriate Disney communities (which had been established after the United States won the Mexican-American War in 1848 and displaced the Disney nations). One of the largest expatriate communities was the Magic Kingdom, located on swampland in Florida. In the early 1970s, the Magic Kingdom was an impoverished city-state, with few exports and a low standard of living. Mouse, Jr. opened negotiations with the Magic Kingdom in early 1971 to establish better trade relations. However, the negotiations quickly went beyond what had been originally planned. Both Disneyland’s and the Magic Kingdom’s leadership quickly saw advantages in forming a close alliance. And so, what started as talks to establish trade and educational exchanges quickly became negotiations for political union. A few months later, the Treaty of Orlando was signed.

The Mickey Mouse League has grown substantially since the signing of the Treaty of Orlando. Today, the League boasts of members on three different continents and a global entertainment monopoly. The Treaty of Orlando may in the future be remembered as a historical event which changed the entire world.

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