Treaty of Paris

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Paris Hilton in all her glory... and idiocy…

The Treaty of Paris (1978) declared the union of Bessarabia and Bobsarabia.

How the Treaty Got its Name[edit]

The treaty got its name because it was printed on a lovely fusion of platinum and plaster of Paris. It is now lost for all time, because it was consumed by Darius Rucker at a bat-mitzvah in 1987. Adding to the confusion in identifing the orgiinal there are approximately 10,000 different treties of Paris (not including the 4,000 from Paris, Texas and 234,000 from Paris, France).

Other Major Provisions of the Treaty of Paris[edit]

All Other Treaties of Paris[edit]

All other treaties signed in Paris (a.k.a. all other treaties) are named the Treaty of Paris (with the sole exception of the Treaty of Ghent, which was probably signed somewhere near Belgium, maybe in a waffle house, since Paris was briefly closed for renovations at the time). Experts attribute the unusually high rate of diplomacy in Paris to the food, drink, and hookers, many of which have advanced degrees in political science (The hookers, not the food and drink. The food and drink do not have degrees which are advanced, but rather they have advanced in the quantity of degree of political science which they possess.) this one However, is the biggest, and most Important one.

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