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Treeasaurus, the ancient creature of the times before was not well known by archaeologists due to the lack of bones contained in the massive monster. Estimated to tower at over 3 kilometers tall, the Treeasaurus was truely the tallest dinosaur of the times. Its discovery came about when Dr. Humond Warst found a strangely large petrified bark cell.

Dr. Warst came up with the theory of these Treeasaurus and their existance, he used these creatures to explain the destruction of the dinosaurs by concluding that a disease had struck the giant tree beasts and caused them to fall, killing everything inhabiting the planet.

Wart's collegues called him a fool, few believed his theory of extinction to be true. but there were those who did believe in his theory. Primarily the Republican party. with great funding they turned the theory of extinction of the fabled dinosuars into a cult. and soon sacrifies were being made to appease these beastly gods of ages. Ironically the Republican Party did embrace this cult in secret, it's theory did conflict with the conservative republican idea of how dinosaurs never really existed.

In fact, it was the few Liberal Republicians that influenced this change.