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In this picture, you see an anonymous rapper wearing a Trey T-shirt. As you can see Trey is well respected among underground rappers and DJs around the globe.

Frazier Thompson III, better known by his stage name Trey or Trae or Trea, (born March 5, 1981) is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. With his cousin 0, he is a part of the underground rap collective Screwed Up Click. Trey and 0, along with Trey's other cousin Dougie D, are the founding members of the group Guerilla Maab.

It is sensible not to make any badass joke on this rapper, because theres an established fact that Trey is a real gangster. In 2003, two rappers, Mike Jones and Jim Jones get shot by Trey's sidekick. The background is still unrevealed, however one of Trey fan stated on the interview with MTV that "Mike Jones said he gunna write an article about Trey on Uncyclopedia, and Trey became furious". It is well known that Trey has two heaters in his pocket because the world is too cold, even he is in Texas. Also many witnesses told that Trey has two heaters in his pocket because the world is too cold, even the cold war has ended. Last but never least, Rick Ross, a rapper from Miami who originally working as an correction officer, stated on the interview with that "Trey is a real muthafucka...he is really hard to catch you know...he has two heaters in his pocket because the world is too cold, even they say its a muthafuckin global warmin' nigga...".


Trey born on a family who commands Blood & Crips Texas Hold'Em branch office. His father, feared and called as "Teflon Don Key Kong", ran most of Texas streets (including route 66) with his Harley Davidson motorbike. Trey quickly acquired the know-how to run the street, and he obtained a driver's license when he was 6. On the time you didnt understand the difference between "election" and "erection", Trey was already running the street like a wind with his brand new Porsche.

Trey started rapping when he was 12, after experiencing many leisure activities and started getting bored on life. Rapping about pimpin and hustlin was too easy for him, making many major record company invited him to sign them. However, Trey was already too rich and because his house has 30 Mclarens and Ferraris, he needed to go an inspection of automobile twice in a week and it resulted in broke of contract among major record companies.


According to Wikipedia, in 2008, Trey was awarded by the mayor of Houston, Bill White, and Council Member Peter Brown with his own day, Trey Day, in honor of his outstanding work within the community. However the detail is unknown. This is the first time the honor has been extended to a rap artist. Trey Day was celebrated July 22, 2008. The reason is unknown.

Trey Songz[edit]

Trey: "Uhm the best Trey Songz is Swang IMO...Swang n swang n swang to the left, hop ma trunk on, yep, yep, yep..."

Trey Songz is a term describes music made by Trey. It is called "swag" that it replaces "S" with "Z".

List of Trey Songz (Trey Discography)[edit]

  • Swang
  • No Help
  • In The Hood
  • Screwed Up
  • Nuthin 2 A Boss
  • Ghetto Queen
  • I Won't Change
  • I Could Use Somebody
  • Something Real
  • Not My Time
  • Later Dayz
  • Guerilla Maab 4 Life
  • A Letter

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