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Trilogy was a term first coined by the ancient Hippopeople of The Northern States of the Roman Empire (TNSRE). It refers to the third wife of king Superbus, who oddly enough was named Trilia. They were very much in love and after her death Superbus decreed all third things would be called Trilia. (He choose third things because Romulus and Remus had already used up first and second). But I digress. In 666 B.C.E a young rebel choose to speek out against the oppresion of having to refer to all third things be the name of some super hot dead chick. This rebel was also the first homosexual. The word "ogy" means ugly in most Romantic languages, inculding Latin. And so the young gay rebel mocked the dead queen and coined the term Trilogy. Soon the term caught on, and wasn't used just in mocking, but also in regular speech to mean any group of three.

Uses of "Trilogy" in regular speech[edit]

  • "Good day madame, what fine Trilogies you have"
As noted above, the plural of Trilogy is Trilogies.
  • "Why thank you kind sir, I do say you have a rather fine Trilogy there yourself."
As you can see, mentioning a woman's Trilogies (three breasts ussualy) is a great way to get in her pants.
  • "Word dog I gonna bust a Trilogy in yo' ass."
Note that here, the speaker is talking about a group of three bullets.
  • "Wipe that Trilogy off your face young man!"
Three specks of dirt are referd to as a Triology by Scottish mothers.
  • "Please excuse me from the table, I've gotta go kill that son of a Trilogy"
Here the speaker is using Trilogy to refer to someone who was born of a ménage à trois, and is not sure who thier father is.

Where to buy Trilogies[edit]

In the United States, there are in fact many stores that sell only Trilogies. "Trilo-torium" was the first major chain to open up, and it has spread across the globe, reaching even Canada. However a few others have popped up aswell. "Trilogymart" is still rather small, but it carries some Trilogies that "Trilo-torium" does not, such as Kleenex Trilogies. If you live in Britain, and don't wish to shop at Trilo-torium, then you should try "Trilogies the Final Frontier", because even though it many carreis Star Trek Trilogies, it's prices are very low.