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Proof that dinosaurs get them, too.

“In Soviet Russia, trip takes YOU!!'”

“When normal people take LSD it alters their perception of reality. When Jack Bauer takes LSD it alters reality.”

~ Timothy Leary on Tripping

“Help! I'm a rock!”

~ Frank Zappa on a Trip

“Way too strong for me!”

A trip is a vacation gone really bad when you go camping. Especially when frogs are falling from the sky. Trips are especially terrifying for timid women.

if you flip a car over, the hood becomes a tongue. then you can feed it something, if you're hungry. or you can attack it's weak spot (For Massive Damage): spongebob scumbag and the athiest, yuppie with the aliens of Troy: the Biaavians of Martia. Ricky Martia. Mary, baby jesus and Marth Stewart eat baked hemorrhages. with Extra Sugar on top.

My head is a fractalized sight-giver from Another Planet[edit]


I'm riding in the hot air balloon, in a kayak, and the candy is falling all around me, but my airplane is out of gas so I'm stuck here in the mississippi river, so i started eating the candy but the wrapper was still on it. Turns out it was potpourri.

what's strange is that the marihuana plant isn't too far dissimilar form any other plant. it can be used to make a highly psychoactive jellyfish. so psychoactive that it crosses over and intoxicates reality, which makes everybody within that reality intoxicated. it's a matter of dimensions that cannot be understood normally.


if you look at the top of multilayered plant leaves, you can almost see them moving, sliding across the field of your subconcious vision. the subconcious mind doesn't discriminate. it takes it for what it is. no rationalizing of ideas. it is just something that strays away from the point, the reason, for being. the reason is not to know, just to exist on your own, pressurized and completely neutral, hypothetically traveling across the vastness of space. specualtions aren't neccesary, there are only certainties. the experience is enlightening, then just as quickly, you wake up, in a sudden breath. what's beyond is inconceivable.

No, no, nooooo!!!!! Not Again! NEVER AGAIN.

so you're walking down the street, following a thick crowd. suddenly they change direction all at once, like a school of fish. the old circle around the block trick, and you KNOW you're being followed. whoever can draw fastest decides the winner. 0.6 seconds is all you need to ice the bitch. you get on your knees, as if to beg for your life. a look of satifaction comes over them. you throw your voice across the street. they look back. four shots whip their head back, and you walk way with their briefcase. "yo, homeboy, is that my briefcase?" you grab his sunglasses and crush them. "those were $500 sunglasses, asshole." he rips one of his arms off, then turns him into a baby. "now you'll be in the news, you fuckin freak".

Don’t kick rocks with glass shoes. Don’t try to hide any inside glass shoes, either.

Cinderella smokes out of her shoes. The witch is “evil”. She’s also water-soluble. She’ll melt if you expose her to heat or water. In order to buy a witch, you must make her your slave. In order to do that, you mustn’t be addicted, which eliminates just about everyone, especially “flying” monkeys.

However, monkeys have been known to hook humans up, if they’ll buy them a witch, hence the saying, “monkey on your back”. You can understand why the monkeys were happily crowding around the witches vaporizing puddle, the result of an unknowing, opiate-addicted Dorothy poured water on the witch while she was standing on hot pavement.

A Song About A "Trip"[edit]

Alone in the clouds all blue Lying on an eiderdown. Yippee! you cant see me But I can you. Lazing in the foggy dew Sitting on a unicorn. No fair, you cant hear me But I can you. Watching buttercups cup the light Sleeping on a dandelion. Too much, I wont touch you But then I might. Screaming through the starlit sky Travelling by telephone. Hey ho, here we go Ever so high. Alone in the clouds all blue Lying on an eiderdown. Yippee! you cant see me But I can you.