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December 13, 2019 at 13:06The Tripolitan Riders of the Apocalypse is a Belgian band, formed by Stijn De Rouck and Arne De Graeve, back in 2004. Their lyrics, all in Dutch, are quite absurd; their music is a mix of popular styles, like rock, folk, blues, jazz and metal. The most memorable moment was the concert they gave at Makanacht, July 1, 2005. After the concert, several fans got involved in a fight, and two of them got realy bad injured, and needed medical attention. Afterall, the Tripolitan Riders were not responsible for the casualties.


  • Ambrasdatas (Stijn De Rouck) - guitars and vocals
  • Triptolemos (Arne De Graeve) - bassguitar, guitar and vocals

On some records, Lepe Staf (aka Remi Verstraete) appears on guitar as guest-musician.


  • Wij gaan naar Tripoli
  • Priapisme
  • Erlk├Ânig

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