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Not actually trite, but it is tribe.

Trite was invented by the gargantan male lesbian Rosie O'Donnell in the year 9837476 because she was bored from eating everything in every Dunkin Donuts and from lying to the whole country on national television so she can have even more swimming pools made of gold on her property because 29977999999 million of them was not enough. Rosie O'Donnell's son, mega-Hitler who was born when she had hot lesbian sex with two elephants, meaning two of her clones took his mother ass-fucker's trite and formed the Triteforce so that he could take over Japan and then take over Mycrowsoft with all of the Godzilla monsters he gained in Japan (which is a total of more than all of the Ewoks and San francisco homos on Return of the Jedi,and plus the brain cells of all of George W. Bush's family, which is about 4). After getting the Triteforce from MegaShitler, Big Bird who had bird flu and Mohammed in middle of his 4 billionth jihad tried to defeat Oprah but changed their mind because they went to Euthanasia instead and killed old people (which means they killed Rush Limbaughand Jesus,a vampire)

The End of Trite[edit]

There is no end to Trite.