Trondheim East side

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In 1996 Trondheim was spitted in Three parts. The south east, the north east and a western part that christin clemet claims does not exists but shure do.

In 1998 Mini got a massive wall built to keep the city the way he wanted. An electromagnetic Field was created to keep the city safe from enemy aircraft and the western UFO's.

In 2000, the goverment of the west got mad on the aliens and claimed a war on the north east side since a war on the aliens would be suicide. Mini began to shot their EAWS (East Agains West Side) missiles but the electromagnetic field he had created made the ruckets turn and hit his own city. a part of the city named Nardo (a place where people is going around in tights, singing hallelujah and getting drunk on water) were specially hit hard. Here and on Lade the people began a rebellion. They built a cannon and fired people though the windows at the tower. When this didn't work the people went back to their normal doings.

The east side of Trondheim is alså famus for their brainwashing. In the schools Blussvoll, and Ringve and charlotenlund the students is going around thinking they are balloons. On rosenborg school an experiments with getting the students to think they are footballs went wrong and ended with the students thinking they became planetary eaters starting to eat earth in suchs a scale that Mini had to hit them with a baseball bat to make them stop.