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Oh yea, he's got a gun too.

A relic of the 21st Ice Age, the Tuatara is a product of the cruel inter-breeding between the dangerous New Zealand Land Sheep, the Ridge-Backed Lemur and a rare species of locust encountered only in the southern regions of the Congo. In the past 30 years the Tuatara has been added to the list of endangered species due to their wide variety of use around the home making them a high priority target for poachers and Spanish tourists.

An incredibly dangerous animal, the Tuatara's native habitat is the dense jungles of New Zealand's south-west coast. These foot-long reptiles have been known to spit corrosive material onto the base of trees in order to make a hatchery for their eggs. These trees are not only a threat to New Zealand's smaller species of Land Sheep, but pose a real problem for the thriving logging industry which has taken a hold in New Zealand over the past 5 years. The little bastards are also known for their young that leap at the head and cling on the face for an extensive period of time, relieving itself upon the poor victim. they then dance the pee pee dance.