Turkish Star Wars

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Turkish Star Wars/Dünyayi Kurtaran Addam
Directed by Satin Inanch
Produced by Muppet Karahapiss, Tim Ubals
Written by Junaid Arkan
Narrated by Muhip Arclman
Starring Junaid Arkan, Aytaken Aggaya, Neckla Fido, Hicmet Tazmaniander, Hussain Payda
Music by Cunt Tullgard
Editing by Neckdet Tock
Distributed by Anit Ticarit, Anit Film, BijouFlix Releasing
Release date(s) November 1, 1982
Running time 97 minutes
Country Turkey
Language English, Turkish
Budget 50,000,000 lira

“This is a first rip-off of Star Wars by Turkeys.”

~ Roger Ebert on This Shitty Movie

Turkish Star Wars also known as Attack of The Killer Jedi, Dünyayi Kurtaran Addam aka The Addam who Saved the World is a 1982 Turkish action adventure comedy-science fiction movie directed by Satin Inanch. the first film of the Turkish Star Wars series and only rip-off of Star Wars franchise. followed by Turkish Star Wars 2 in 2006 is the pseudo-sequel to 1982 bad cult movie.


Ali and Mourat to attack the evil Mardi Darth Wizard.


  • Junaid Arkan as Ali
  • Aytaken Aggaya as Mourat
  • Neckla Fido as Queen Wonderella
  • Hicmet Tazmaniander as Mardi Darth Wizard
  • Hussain Payda as Billgin
  • Sonmez Yikillmas as Robber the Robot


this film, an so best of bad, so good of Star Wars rip-offs by critics.

Sequels and Spinoffs[edit]

the sequel called The Cousin who Saved the World (2006) and third and final The Maniac who Saved the World Ending (2022).

For those certain plagiarism abomination comedic tastes, rip-off Star Wars related pages by Wookiepedia have a worst movie rip-off article about Turkish Star Wars warning this shitty rip-offs scenes with ear-rape sounds and flashing scenes and bad acting.

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