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Twiggy Lawson: When she actually looked "pretty"
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Lesley Hornby (Born 1949 or possibly Over 9000 Years before your mom), Was a cockney child prostitute and later a famous supermodel known as Twiggy. She became famous in 1966 under a gay manager who wanted to get laid. Twiggy modelled until the year 2254. She was a famous internet prostitute and Myspace camwhore in the late 90s and a sultry jazz singer of teh 70s. Twiggy is still remembered as a ugly whore with hair short enough to allow no nits in. Twiggy is also a transexual lesbian.

The Founder of Annorexia[edit]

Twiggy is hated for making many girls and boys alike stop eating to become a Barbie doll, Twiggy is the reason Karen Carpenter died 26 years after she stopped modelling, Twiggy stopped her annorexia when she actually developed tits.

Prostitution Problems[edit]

Twiggy was a great fan of the Beatles so she went out in 60s wigs in the 90s looking uglier than ever and letting a dildo in her ass for only 5 pounds a minute for the night she earned millions if her punters had half a brain cell.

The Censored Song & Attack on Youtube![edit]

Twiggy later attacked Youtube when her shit song "Here I go Again" song promoting the use of methamphetamine and child porn was flagged [1] the link provides the censored video containing Twiggy performing oral sex on 5 children. Twiggy was later sent to Walford Prison in Eastenders for selling lesbian child porno. Twiggy lost her virginity to the prison guards thus destroying her worship in lesbianism.

Her Freakish spawn[edit]

Twiggy brought Karly Fagface Nielsen into the world on 03/05/72 and she was looking as ugly as ever you can now see a great masturbation pic if it is to your liking the picture contains Twiggy and her hot daughter.