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Play Twister and you too can be as down and as cool as these funky fresh cats. Filthy perverts.

Twister is a game created by the perverts at Hasbro. They thought it would be a good idea to encourage sexuality at an early age so they would be able to breed a race of mindless zombies faster. Twister is made up of colored spots on a tacky plastic rug. If you are colorblind then you should try Black and White Twister! so you can be given a fair game. There are five columns of colors, red, green blue and yellow (it is unsure what the fifth color is, but scientists Think it might be a brownish-purple sort of color). The spinner (who is usually trisexual) spins the spinner (of course) and depending on where it lands, the spinner person will shout out the corresponding thing. The player who gets into the worst (or best, depending on your sexual preferences) positions the most times wins the game.

Historical information not found anywhere else[edit]

Twister was first published by Nixon games in 1934 but this was later found false as it was Nixon game's sister company Watergate who infact published and marketed the game to young Africans. Twister was in fact used to expirament with African teenagers and see what sexual positions work well, this was condemned by many people but Watergate didnt care. Twister was believed to have caused AIDS and Cancer, World leader John Stewart remarked "What the fuck!" when hearing this for the first time and dismissed the findings.

Nuturious information[edit]

20% Fun 75% Sex 5% likely chance of AIDS

Truth Behind the Game[edit]

Twister was originally created to encourage youngsters to start breeding an evil race of mindless zombies to take over the whole universe. Hasbro would have the power to control these mindless zombies with their radio-wave transmitting Monopoly pieces. Their plan failed because as teen pregnancy got a little out-of-hand schools started encouraging kids to use condoms (another reason is because little kids started swallowing the Monopoly pieces and the radio waves couldn't transmit). Hasbro is a secret codename, Has Bro, which is a ghetto term, and Has Bro being zombie breeders thus creating a mindless army of ghetto speaking zombies, with common phrases like "I need some brains yo", and of course "These brains is mad good!"

Children created using twister[edit]

  • Hilary Clinton
  • Barack Obama
  • Ron Howard
  • Mellisa Joan Hart
  • David Cameron


Twister ALWAYS ends up in an orgy. Due to the many sexual positions in which you will find yourself. If you wanna' get laid, then play Twister today!

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