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A famous quote by William Shakesqueer in txt spk

Txt speek, to give it its full name in standard English, is a radical outgrowth of phonics which has taken root in Mediocre Britain over the last eighteen months (more or less).

Txt spk[edit]

The Mediocre British are, as is well known, legendarily lazy, and hence the mobile phone proved, as expected, to be the most enthusiastically adopted invention there since sliced bread once it was realised that it removed the need to leave one's chair when calling out for pizza delivery.

Once the populace discovered that it allowed a new dialect of their language which left out most of the letters, they were overjoyed; an extra four seconds a day which can be spent watching their favourite TV shows (such as the UK Hitler Channel!).

Literature in txt spk[edit]

Of crse, ths hs hd n ffct n Mdcr Brts scls; crrntl, teh ldng lghts f Medibrts ltrtre (Jeffrey Archer, Mills and Boon, Edwina Currie) r bsly wrkng n nw dtns f thr clssc tls f love, lss and trrr. Teh University f Mediocre Britain hs strtd ts vnglsm f teh nw rthgrph to Medibrtn's lrgr nghbr, Great Britain, by trnsltng teh wrk f Shakesqueer; sm slctd qts fllw.

  • 2b r !2b in8? (from Othlo)
  • rm0 rm0 whr4 rt th0 rm0? (from rm0+jl8)
  • 2b r not 2b: ths d ? Whr 'tis nbl n d mind to sufr d slngs 'n arws f ox frtun,
r 2 tak rms gains a c of trbls LOL !, (from H4ml3t)

The similarities with l33t speak have been noted by some Medibritish experts in linguistics; it is hoped that the appeal of this to that key demographic, and resultant immigration, will give a kick start to the otherwise struggling technological sector of the country's economy.

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