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“Corruption fuels my fleets!”

~ Tyber Zann on why he doesn't need fossil fuels

“Kill ALL enemies!”

~ Tyber Zann on how to finish Street Fighter

“I have a business to run!”

~ Tyber Zann on his mafia operations

“Ahh, yes...a little stealth!”

~ Tyber Zann on his invisibility capability

Tyber Zann is the Greek god of crime and corruption.



According to the myths, he was born from Chaos, whose money he promptly stole. Tyber "Sephiroth" Zann then established the first mafia operation, causing the first police department to begin existence in order to counter it. Tyber rapidly performed the first act of bribery in order to get them to stop interfering; this led to the bounty hunter Bossk joining him. Eventually he met his Digimon partner, Urai Fen, and the Rancor Silri--Oh wait, Cuddles is the rancor, Silri's the witch person. Later he got the robot IG-88 to join him because said bounty hunter owed the Digimon a favor. This ultimately led to his capture of the Eclipse, an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer with experimental (working) engines, which he uses as a giant enforcer. That's right, if you cross him, he can destroy your Entire space fleet


Tyber Zann managed to cheat Death several dozen times; this led to Tyber owning a large collection of items that once belonged to Death, including a cloaking device, a hologram ring, and a death ray beam. However, when Death tried to kill him, he bribed Death not to kill him; this bribe he eventually regained with rigged gambling.


Tyber Zann now rules most of the galaxy through corruption.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Tyber Zann has the following powers and abilities:

  • The power to corrupt anything or anybody
  • A cloaking device
  • So much money it makes Bill Gates look poor
  • A blaster shotgun. Seriously! If that isn't insanely awesome, what is? Try blocking a blast from THAT, you lightsaber-wielders!
  • Three items he obtained with rigged gambling with Death over his own life
    • Another cloaking device
    • A hologram generator that can bring people back to life
    • A deathray beam weapon
      • Immortality as a result of having these three items
  • A huge fleet that doesn't require fuel, just corruption
  • An army
  • Other abilities, don't ask me!
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