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What happened

Well we all got lazy didn't we? Well in fact, we've been lazy all the time. To accommodate for this, the nice people at MediaWiki Labs used various magic tricks to create automatic edit summaries.

What you will see

You will see an arrow pointing to the left like () and a little summary next to it provided by MediaWiki software. If this does come up it shows a lazy user and they didn't have time to type a little 10 second summary in the input box. (or a user is blanking pages at such a fast rate it would be more efficient to leave the summary blank)

Moreover, when an inappropriate edit is made (such as the blanking or replacement of content) probably is not a deliberate description on the part of the user .

In some cases though, a user might find themselves totally illiterate and prefer having some robot software machine create a summary for them. For example if a user was creating a redirect.

What to do

If vandalism (or people announcing their friends are gay) is suspected, please examine the edit to determine its nature and respond as quickly as you can (remember food comes first). Also take into account that ALL USERS ARE OUT TO GET YOU and that if they vandalise something, they probably mean to. Keep in mind that the edit summary was not typed by the user, so it should not be interpreted as such evidence. Well, you should because as soon as you check the other contributions they're blanking a load of other stuff as well.

From here: "If an anon IP address or a new account turns up to blank a page about a living person, or a section of it, it may well be the subject. Try not to act aggressively, but instead engage the person in dialogue, and check that the article in question does not contain any unsourced or poorly sourced criticism. If it does, remove that portion."

Which famous person would edit Uncyclopedia?

The different automatic edit summaries

Action of the user Auto-generated text Page
Blanked entire page Blanked the page MediaWiki:Autosumm-blank
Replaced entire page with new text Replaced content with "new text" MediaWiki:Autosumm-replace
Created a new page Created page with "new text" MediaWiki:Autosumm-new
Created a redirect Redirected page to target MediaWiki:Autoredircomment
Reverted a past revision Undo revision [#] by User (talk) MediaWiki:Undo-summary

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