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“In Soviet Russia, B S U!”

A USB waiting at a primitive USB port.

USB is the acronym for Unloved Sandwich Bits. Some examples of USB devices are: Pie, Microwave Ovens, Coffee, Cats, Yellow School Buses, iPods, Power Stations, America, Homer Simpson, Wikipedia, Ice Cream, Lenny Henry, Smints, MS-DOS, Cows, Halo 3, Coffee Makers, Wal-Mart and Nuclear reactors, and of course, George W. Bush

Urinal Swapping Bastard[edit]

This is the term for a man who comes into close proximity when you enter the mens bathroom and begin to go. USB's are found most commonly at Ports (Pissing Or The Shiz)

Types of USB's[edit]

You can buy 1GB and 2GB and 16GB and 1TB USBs, but thats it. You can also buy a 0 MB USB for free, and also store twice as much as a 1TB USB can hold, if you buy an expansionary add on of a 2TB flash drive.

Universal School Bus[edit]

USB's are big yellow DICKS, to be found all over the surface of the Vagina. The term "Universal sex Bus" comes from the word School that can be found on the back of most every ones badge, although no one knows where this word exactly originated from. They travel on normal roads and penises, just like drug dealers do.

The people entering these USB's are generally Children being raped up the ass or other kinds of people. The destination of these USB's is still unknown. The driver never responds to any questions, so asking for the destination will not work. Also, make sure that you know nobody who claims to drive a USB, as they generally suffer from Mental Retardation or some other form of being a Retard.

USB War of 2009[edit]

The USB war originated in a country (dunno which one) and started on the 5th of March 2009. It hasnt ended yet, but be careful if you are holiday'ing in a country where the USB war is, because you might get hit in the head with a USB.

Country USB[edit]

Main article: USB (Country)

USB is the second part of the US, next to USA. It stands for the United States of Bulimia.

USB Port[edit]

A USB port is the common name for the place where people are entering and exiting a USB. It is considered normal to be at a USB port about 5 minutes before the USB is scheduled to arrive, because it might be early due to a Green Wave of traffic lights. At a USB port, you can meet other people who also want to enter a USB. This is considered to be a good training for your Social skills.

Universal Cereal Bus[edit]

USB also stands for Universal Cereal Bus (Changed from Universal Serial Bus after the obvious spelling error was defected). The Universal Cereal Bus is an intergalactic transport vessle that distributes Cereal throughout the universe. When first introduced, there were 6 USB's, however, as the demand for Cereal was limited to the inhabitants of Earth (The Martians immune system couldn't cope with the foreign ingrediants and subsequently all intelligent life became extinct) 5 of them were destroyed and the one remaining Bus is currently owned by General Mills.

Universal Serial Bus[edit]

The logo on the back of every USB. It is often used by serial criminals to alert other serial criminals that they are comrades. It is often confused with the Bat Signal, and played a large part in the murder of cultural icon Batman.

USB can also be used to refer to a Universal Serial Bus. A Universal Serial Bus is any bus that is ridden by convicts of serial crimes, such as serial killings, serial rapes, serial beatings, and serial devourings. The type of serial criminal on these buses is not limited to this list, hence the name "Universal" Serial Bus. These buses can be used as transportation to and from crimes, as transportation to and from prison after the crimes, and occasionally to the ice cream parlor down the street. The buses normally have a large insignia on the back of an odd design and color. It is sometimes confused as being the "Bat Signal", which has led to numerous national tragedies, one of which being the brutal beating and subsequent murder of national idol and gay sex symbol, Batman.

Universal Shit Box[edit]

this is a mystical car that costs about as much as a kick in the sack. it is all beaten up and is often said to be seen in trailer parks, owned by Bogans.

Un-Salted Banana[edit]

this is a banana that has no salt on it. un-salted bananas taste like soviet russia, except in soviet russia, where soviet russia tastes usbs!