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The USCR(United Soviet Communist Republics) is once again ruled by a Tzar, but a much differrent kind. One that rules with an Iron Fist, but one that is covered in foam which the Tzar can take off if needed. This new Tzar is Lukas the Unfettered.

United Soviet Communist Republics
Motto We'll give you the rope for free
National Anthem Moskau -Rammstein
Official language PYCCИAH
Capital MOCKBA
Government Commu... wait we mean "Highly Socialist"
National Hero John Lenin Lemmy Koopa Amy Lynn Lee


The USCR is a perfect communist group of countries. The countrys under the USCR government are: Russia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech, Moldova, Romania, Liechtenstein, Georgia, and Georgia, USA.

Imports and Exports[edit]

The USCR exports are stamps, salt, natrual gas, books of political nature, Russian Prostitutes, and WMDs. It imports raw minerals and other stuff no one knows about except the Tzar, though it is believed that Hentai is among these.


In soviet control is 1.5 billion conscripts all which have AK-47s except the geeks who opted for the iK47s released by Apple.In the Air Force the Russians use the same technology as the New German Air Force. The USCR also have Air Pirate Mercenaries that protect their countries from the air. Some people on the Tzars board are cloned Lenin, Hitler's Brain, King Koopa, and Jon Stewart. Lenin is also the leader of the new KGB. With the victory of the last war Lemmy Koopa was awarded the medel hero of the USCR the highest medel in the country. Amy Lee as inducted as the new Black Widow of Mother Russia. After Natasha Romanov trained Amy she retired in the Uarl Mountains.


The pogrom, or organized masacare of a minority group, was the first action of the new Tzar. When he got his power he ordered a pogrom on all Blacks and Mexicans. Now only poeple with a pure ancestry from Germany, Japan, Italy, The USCR, and MOST other European countries(not France) can live there. Also he launched 42 nukes to Africa. No one knows what's left...... It's still glowing.

Mushroom Kingdom[edit]

The so famed shroom kingdom that houses Princess Peach and all the Koopas was found in Russia by the city built on 1000 jew bones, not in Brooklyn, NY as Previously thought. The Pipe was frozen over with red and yellow shelled koopas trying to get out. The Tzar has took most of king Bowser's troops into the USCR's military. The Tzar now holds all there super advanced tech of Bullet Bills and Bob-ombs. New in the rank in the ground forces are Koopa troopas, goomba, Hammer Brothers, and Shy guys. The air forces now have Boos and Koopa paratroops. The Tzars body guard is made up of Thwomps with jet engines so not even Mario can run past them.