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Uglo-Americans are Americans whose ancestors passed on to them the unique heritage of unity with the ugly tree, or who were beaten with a branch, or ugly stick, as children. (Ha, beating children.) In recent years, this minority ethinic group has organized into a major political force.

Anti-Uglo-American Discrimination[edit]

They claim that pretty people are more likely to get hired and promoted than ugly people, and that pretty people get paid more $$$. This is also especially hard, they argue, on short ugly people.

Media bias[edit]

An Uglo-American activist on TV.
Its comments are censored.

Uglo-American Activism[edit]

Uglo-American activists protest against the mass discrimination against Uglo-Americans that takes place in the workplace and elsewhere. This activism is sometimes labeled extreme, because it often involves going out in public while ugly.

The NAAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Aesthetically Challenged People) is a major Uglo-American political activism group.

Famous Uglo-Americans[edit]

Non-Famous Uglo-Americans[edit]

Almost everyone you will ever come in contact with.

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