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Ugly Betty is a tv show about the hardships of life as a pimp in New York. It runs on CBS, every thursday night.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Malcom Barret - Fuquan"Ugly Betty"Reed - The son of a Pimp, intent on establising himself in the world.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio - Philip Dyson - a low life criminal and Fuquan's best friend.
  • David Schwimmer - Hyam Zinman - a suicidal Jewish writer, Fuquan's friend.
  • America Ferrera - Fuqaun's Girlfriend, a waitress in a fancy Manhattan restaurant.
  • Tony Plana - Dennis"Wyoming"Reed - The biggest pimp in New York, Fuquan's Father.
  • Earl Billings - Paul"fat lip"Benton - The Rival of Dennis, A crazed Mobster with inroads to every industry.
  • Eric Mabius - Daniel"fag bag" Meade - Fuquan's boss at the fashion magazine.


Fuquan on the street

Season 1[edit]

Fuquan's mother gets gunned down by the mafia for trying to escape from the Bronx. Fuquan smokes weed for 6 episodes whilst his Girlfriend bitches at how crappy their apartment is. Philip convinces Hyam to start writing rap music, to make some money, but all he can write about is a stump in the middle of two balls (a penis). Fuquans father tries to get him into the family business but Fuqaun thinks that his father runs a Landret and steals all the clients clothes, So he gets thrown out onto the street and must preform sexual favours on construction workers for food. In the season finale, Fuquan eats a Brazil nut..... Will he Survive?


Season 2[edit]

Fuquan's Father lets him mover back in after he finds out what a great prostitute he would be. Philip robs a tampoon from the chemist and has to get a hysterextimy. Fuquan gets a job at a Fashion magazine called Shitpiece, and gets Hyam Hired there to. Dennis and Paul start the "pimp wars". Philip convinces Fuquan and Hyam to rob a fancy restaurant in Manhantan, but midway through the hiest, Fuquan wets himself and runs home with the money to change into a new thong, but His friends get caught by the police...will they get out of prison?

Season 3[edit]

Fuquan's Friends get out of prison due to the only evidence being a wet thong, found lying on the floor(it was kinda lumpy to). Fuquan gets exicted and makes margarites, but their party is ruined by and impending battle of the pimp wars. Fuquan finally finds out that his mother died, and cries for 3 episodes, and in an act of vengance builds the pimp 3000 to go back in history to kill Paul Benton's Mother. But he finds out that he accidently put on "pimp mode" on the robot, resulting in it not being able to kill, only being able to be a pimp. Fuquan eats some bad Chinese food and gets diarhea.....will he survive?

The pimp 3000!

Season 4[edit]

The pimp wars come to a ceasefire and there is a meeting between the pimps, in which Dennis is prepared to let Paul Benton run the pimp operation in Queens, but Fuquan accidently Jizz's in Paul's soup whilst looking at a horses ass, so the deal is off and the wars start again.

The Pimp Wars Movie[edit]

due to the succes of the tv show, Abc is commisining a Movie based on the events of the series. Several directers have been approached to direct the film, including Steven Stelberg and Martin Scorsae. It has been confirmed that George Clooney will play an assaisin Sent from the future to protect Fuquan from a Robot build by Paul Benton.

Pimp wars movie