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Some news is so fat it needs its own page.

Bellicose Uzi kills Lebanese gangster’s ex-wife03:29, 19 December 2013
Cop offered crack by local dumbass02:23, 21 December 2012
US Attorney General refuses to prosecute self for contempt06:40, 3 October 2012
Soccer warlord 'not to face trial' in The Hague06:39, 3 October 2012
South Korea to chemically decapitate serial kisser06:36, 3 October 2012
Lucy Liu admits poisoning British bankster06:36, 3 October 2012
President invokes Executive Cover-up to protect guilty Negro from Racism06:33, 3 October 2012
Mexican Jesus Arrested For Rape06:32, 3 October 2012
Martial arts pervert banned from Earth06:32, 3 October 2012
Explosive device slightly damages US consulate in Mexico06:30, 3 October 2012
Cleopatra investigation pending toxicology results06:25, 3 October 2012
Cost to lunch with Warren Buffett: $350 million06:23, 3 October 2012
Bogus hooker sells sex in Mississippi06:22, 3 October 2012
Well armed dancers lose battles but raise fears of open dance warfare in Mexico04:23, 20 September 2012
Woman has identity stolen; thief divorces husband and takes half09:14, 5 June 2012
UnNews moves to reassure readers after spate of "linked" "Suicides"09:13, 5 June 2012
Two gay boys target street gang in lascivious attack09:13, 5 June 2012
Wikia exposed as a fraud, cash funneled to offshore banks, Cabal suspected09:13, 5 June 2012
Thailand defends ‘Lord of War’ court decision09:10, 5 June 2012
Uncyclopedia to introduce new front page09:09, 5 June 2012
Taliban executes spy-baby, 2, for spying09:04, 5 June 2012
Suicidal surfer sues sea09:03, 5 June 2012
Strauss-Kahn claimed to have prophylactic immunity09:01, 5 June 2012
Shaggy too stoned to give evidence; 'monster' trial collapses08:58, 5 June 2012
Speaker at Norwegian summer camp was apparently persuasive, motivational; Impact is projected to have changed “scores of lives”08:56, 5 June 2012
Seven Dwarfs accused of £4,369,083 iTunes scam08:54, 5 June 2012
Seven Ate Nine!08:54, 5 June 2012
Pakistan urged to free boy arrested for blasphemy08:53, 5 June 2012
Pakistan leader soon to view death sentence08:52, 5 June 2012
Qaddafi: al-Qaeda should apologize 'while licking my feet'08:52, 5 June 2012
Rwandese woman minister guilty of unlicensed genocide08:51, 5 June 2012
Saudi Arabia urged not to lobotomize man as retribution punishment08:51, 5 June 2012
Malawi poofs jailed for being poofs08:42, 5 June 2012
Mexico paper seeks cartel advice on police scourge08:32, 5 June 2012
Mexico discovered in mass graves08:31, 5 June 2012
Muslims demand pop star Gwen Stefani to "tone down" act08:29, 5 June 2012
Muslims demand pop star Beyonce to "tone down" act08:29, 5 June 2012
Mercenaries release Somali pirates after ransom returned08:28, 5 June 2012
NATO mulls nuking Gaddafi compound08:28, 5 June 2012
IMF Chief alleges sodomy and extortion by hotel maid08:19, 5 June 2012

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