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Some news is so fat it needs its own page.

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U.S. corners Palestine rubble futures market20:52, 27 July 2015
Bellicose Uzi kills Lebanese gangster’s ex-wife03:29, 19 December 2013
Stop dressing like whores, you whores!23:04, 9 December 2013
Mubarak declared officially meshuginna02:55, 21 December 2012
Saudis eye sand exports to Europe22:01, 14 December 2012
Black Friday projected to be more violent than Israel-Gaza conflict03:56, 10 December 2012
Iranian jets fire on unarmed U.S. drone - missing wildly03:19, 10 December 2012
David Cameron offers to "suck-off Middle-East for a tenner"03:14, 10 December 2012
Al-Qaeda bans law enforcement in secular Middle East03:09, 10 December 2012
Iraqi government gunmen kill a dozen people in Basra, say activists02:34, 18 October 2012
Saudis announce Blackberry ban08:21, 4 October 2012
Ankara destroys Armenian church09:25, 3 October 2012
Khaleid Sheikh Mohammed Confesses09:05, 3 October 2012
Topless Kate photographs outrage British Press who can't publish them08:11, 3 October 2012
WWIII postponed thanks to Russia and China06:45, 3 October 2012
UnFox Reports: lunatic Islamic terrorist takes over Egypt06:40, 3 October 2012
Spontaneous building explosion concerns Iraqi terror group06:39, 3 October 2012
Syrian president wins Best Tyrant Award06:37, 3 October 2012
Suspicious nuke discovered in French port06:37, 3 October 2012
Saudi Crown Prince Nayef to be buried after all06:33, 3 October 2012
Obama blames high gas prices on Iran06:32, 3 October 2012
Marines told to disrobe before Panetta06:32, 3 October 2012
Least important Syrian beggar calls for foreign candy06:31, 3 October 2012
Iraq detainees suffering from 'excessive boredom'06:31, 3 October 2012
Iran Bitches About Suicide Bomb--Iraq, Pakistan Say "Grow up"06:31, 3 October 2012
Ahmadinejad: Holocaust was really big gay Jew sex party06:22, 3 October 2012
U.N. warns Syria to halt violence or face further warnings03:12, 3 October 2012
Washington lauds valiant Syrian terrorists04:23, 20 September 2012
"Chemical Ali" sentenced to death; sons vow revenge, anger, denial, celibacy and all those good stuff08:26, 17 September 2012
CIA Agents Supplying Viagra to Afghan Warlords03:27, 30 August 2012
Tragic misunderstanding leads to hotel shooting06:12, 28 August 2012
Emirates to build Burj Khalifa knock-off next to Burj Khalifa09:35, 30 July 2012
Woman's giant penis explodes killing millions09:13, 5 June 2012
Turkeys press rice into gorillas in bizarre tribal custom09:11, 5 June 2012
US cable network green-lights Despots Palace Wives09:10, 5 June 2012
Thousands of Egyptians call Gov. Walker "tyrant," flee Wisconsin09:09, 5 June 2012
UAE to cancel USA's $9 Trillion Debt09:09, 5 June 2012
Tata introduces the world's cheapest car09:04, 5 June 2012
Taliban vows to wipe out literacy in our lifetimes09:04, 5 June 2012
Taliban hires Halliburton consultants09:04, 5 June 2012
Palestine dilemma: suicide or surfing08:53, 5 June 2012
Presidental elections cancelled - no budget left after war efforts08:53, 5 June 2012
Saddam execution to be released on special edition DVD08:51, 5 June 2012
Sacred Bull bites back08:51, 5 June 2012
S. Sudan to Sudan: "It's over, and this time, I mean it!"08:51, 5 June 2012
Mexican delegation sent to Gaza for border-crossing study08:33, 5 June 2012
Local shepherd displaces workforce08:32, 5 June 2012
Man misses flight08:29, 5 June 2012
Mysterious fart debacles Middle-Eastern summit08:29, 5 June 2012
Mummies vandalize Cairo museum08:27, 5 June 2012

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