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25 February 2008

A Mitsubishi Eclipse Illegally Parked on the Moon.

Planet Earth - "...Now THAT is a sight to behold!" Said leading Astrophysicist Fred Espenak, commenting on one of the most mysterious astrological events known to man.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse, a rare type of eclipse that only occurs every night since 1989. "The Mitsubishi Eclipse happens when the car gets trapped in the gravity of the moon and temporarily blocks the light emanating from the sun, creating a shadow. The car gets there in the first place when some sap with poor driving skills, usually a woman, can't find a place to park her car. It's truly one of the wonders of the world...how anyone could be such a shitty driver." Astronomers the world over are still looking for an explanation as to how a Mitsubishi can even get to the moon considering it's poor gas mileage.

"The moon is like 3424243 miles away. It just doesn't make any kind of sense. But, it's pretty fucking cool if you ask me and since you did ask me, it's pretty fucking cool."


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