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10 February 2007

ABBIS ABABA- The National Scout Association of Eritrea has ordered a "Day of Wiki-vandalism" and non-goodwill. The event will take place on March 1st, 1973, in celebration the day Eritea, where nothing amazing happened. The Congoese Scout Association is also supporting the Wiki coup. However, their leader, Joe Odobe, has claimed that they stole his idea. "They stole my idea in the first place! I just happened to not write it down. My bad! But seriously, why is it always the Eriteans who get the attention?" ponders Odobe. According to scientific sources, Africans love chaos and confusion, so and it's good to see that their Boy Scout movement is keeping up with the status quo. As always, Ethiopia fucking hates Eritea, therefore Ethiopia is being all stuck up and non-rasta about it.

The leaders of the so called "War On Wiki", "Oh the humanity!