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On this page, UnNews reporters from around the world try to put an artistic shine on the fact that their national team got eliminated from the World Cup.

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November 15, 2019 15:46 UTC

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The Dutch team try to 'out clog' the Spanish in the World Cup Final.

Dutch clogs no match for Spanish bull

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- The determined, clog-footed Dutch team were no match for a lot of Spanish bull at the football World Cup final. The Spanish team, who had already been voted the 'sexiest passers of the ball' since the days of Pele, were shocked that the Dutch aimed for the crotch instead of the ball.
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How Diego Maradona will look if he blows his top as expected.

Scientists predict Diego Maradona will erupt before the end of the World Cup

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- Worried scientists predict that the famous Diego Maradona volcano is close to erupting all over the football pitch on Saturday, July 3rd, when Argentina play Germany in the World Cup here.
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Paul considers his future.

Paul the Octopus considers offer from Uncyclopedia

OBERHAUSEN, Germany -- Paul the Psychic Octopus, who successfully predicted the winner of the 2010 World Cup, is said to be considering an offer from an alleged humor/humour website to join them as a guest columnist.
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