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27 February 2008

Better than The Ramones: Mach Pelican yesterday

SOUTH YARRA, Australia, GNN (Goanna News Network). DIEHARD AC/DC fan Brent "Potato" Couchman yesterday admitted that the best-ever AC/DC song was actually written, performed and recorded by Australian rock band The Casanovas.

"Frankly, Shake It is fuckin' awesome, if I'm allowed to use those words," said Couchman, sucking on his eighth can of Johnny Walker Scotch whisky and Coke.

"It's just like Shoot to Thrill and For Those About to Rock, only faster and minus all the boring bits in the original Acca Dacca songs.

"Actually, it's a lot more like Shoot to Thrill than it's like For Those About to Rock, but there was just something about it that reminded me of For Those About to Rock...

"Oh, that's right -- you know the guitar solo in For Those About to Rock that sounds exactly like the guitar solo in Things Don't Seem by Australian Crawl? Well, that guitar bit is just like that, but otherwise the song (Shake It) is just like Shoot to Thrill but faster and -- as much as it pains me to say -- better."

Couchman, whose most treasured musical possession is the vinyl copy of the 1975 AC/DC album TNT that he bought back in the '80s, said that he had not come by his appraisal lightly.

"I haven't come by my appraisal lightly," he said, cracking his ninth can of Johnny. "I'm almost entirely a Bon Scott man. I mean, I love the song Back in Black and Shoot to Thrill but I will go to my grave believing that Bon Scott actually wrote every song on the Back in Black album. After Back in Black, Acca Dacca went down the fucking toilet, frankly."

Couchman went on to toss another stick of gelignite into the musical fish pond by declaring that four of the five best Ramones songs were actually written, recorded and performed by Japanese-Australian punk band Mach Pelican.

"Obviously, Rock & Roll High School comes in at number one, but after that it's all (Mach) Pelican: Born to Delivery, Shit Off Your Face, Ursula Finally Has Tits and You Suck.

"Thank you and good night."